Top Ten Tuesday // Characters I liked – That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

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It’s time to show some love to the characters who we may often forget since they’re from books we might not like all that much!

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Cloud Separation

harley_quinn_by_astrisjursen-dab49td│Harley QuinnThe Harley Quinn Graphic Novels

I will always love Harley Quinn and everything she stands for even though DC Comics is persistent in their ruining of her character.

She’s an unapologetic bad girl who survived an abusive relationship with a man and has found love with a fellow kick-ass woman.

I really hope Margot Robbie gets the chance to make a Harley Quinn movie that celebrates the character for who she is at her core without gross men ruining it.

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max everhart renegades.jpg│Max EverhartRenegades│Marissa Meyer│

Listen, Renegades was a major let down for me. I just didn’t connect to any of the characters but I loved Max and am tempted to read the next book just to get more of him and learn about his history!

He’s a survivor and adorable and must be protected at all costs!

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chaol westfall throne of glass TOG.jpg│Chaol WestfallThrone of Glass Series│Sarah J. Maas

So… I didn’t really like ToG. I got somewhere into the third book and I. just. didn’t. care. anymore.

But I did love Chaol. Actually, I did like quite a few characters in the series. So you can expect a couple more of them.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Maas treats her characters like utter shit. She has a habit of making her love interests thoroughly unlikable as soon as she wants her protagonist to move onto someone new. She’s not the best at diversity and character who are diverse, she treats poorly.

Yes, I know, I’m slagging off an author who is very beloved in the book community and I don’t know what the tell you? Die mad about it because it’s all true.

Look, I don’t think she’s completely awful, I just think she could be better if she tried a little harder.

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princess nehemia ytger throne of glass TOG.jpg│Princess Nehemia YtgerThrone of Glass Series│Sarah J. Maas


Like that’s really all I wanna say but Nehemia was so badass and magical and fucking just why Sarah J. Maas? Why?

Icon Separation

sam cortland throne of glass TOG.jpg│Sam CortlandThrone of Glass Series│Sarah J. Maas


He was just so perfect, and lovely, and kind and why would Maas have given us a book about him, it was fucking cruel, god damn it.

Icon Separation

prince dorian havilliard throne of glass TOG.jpg│Prince Dorian HavilliardThrone of Glass Series│Sarah J. Maas

I don’t know, man.

Dorian was just really sweet and lovable.

Icon Separation

manon blackbeak Throne of Glass TOG.jpg│Manon BlackbeakThrone of Glass Series│Sarah J. Maas

I DNF’d Heir of Fire too early to really get to know Manon.
However, I knew that I probably would have grown to really like her, going off what I did see plus what I’ve seen on Goodreads and Booktube.

She seems like a pretty brutal character and I do love those.

You never know, maybe I’ll get around to continuing the series one day just to see what Manon has to offer…

Icon Separation

cracked.jpg│Meda MelangeCracked│Eliza Crewe

This book was kinda average for me however, I really loved Meda as a character.

I love me an unlikable girl and I got two in this book, though Meda was my favourite.

I’d love to get around to reading the rest of the series but unfortunately, I don’t think I ever will.

Icon Separation

some boys.jpg│GraceSome Boys│Patty Blount

I read this book whilst drunk and was really angry by the end.

There was just quite a few things I didn’t think were handled very well.

I did like Grace though, I thought she was a strong character who proved to be such a survivor.

Honorary shout out to Ian’s dad as well, I don’t remember his name but I really like him by the end.

Icon Separation

out of the shadows.jpg│MossOut of the Shadows│Ashlee Nicole Bye

Moss reminded me so much of my best friend in high school.

I think that played a huge roll in why I like him so much.

But credit where credit is due, he’s such a lovable character and brought quite a bit of humour to an otherwise average book.

Icon Separation

screwmates.jpgMadison│Screwmates│Kayti McGee

Madison was such a fun character.

She’s a geeky artist who creates her own comic series online.

he’s hilarious and really was a joy to read!

Too bad that ending ruined it for me.

Lightning Separation

This was super hard!

As is probably evident by the fact that I included 5 characters from the same series!

I don’t really waste time on books I don’t like, I usually DNF pretty early on so I generally don’t grow much attachment to the characters.

Cloud & Lightning Separation

What are some characters you liked in books you didn’t love?
Are they any of the ones I listed?
Do you now hate me because of my anger towards Sarah J. Maas?


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Characters I liked – That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

  1. I hope we get that Harley Quinn movie too! And I agree, SJM always has to make her love interest super unlikable as soon as they’re not meant to be “the one” anymore. It’s one of the things that annoy me the most about her writing, it’s so unrealistic. And I loved Chaol too 🙂 Great post!

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