Beautiful Quotes // Jackaby – Monsters & Men

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Hello, hello, hello. I am here with a book meme today!

 Beth Jones over at The Books Are Everywhere created the Beautiful Quote meme and I’ve decided to participate on the occasion. You can find all of her Beautiful Quotes posts here, please go check them out!

I’ve described myself as a quote reviewer since I started writing reviews on Goodreads last year.

I try to pack as many of them as I can in each review because they’re so beautiful or funny that I can’t keep them to myself! So I thought this was the perfect meme for me to participate in!

Cloud Separation

This week we’ll start off with a quote from Jackaby by William Ritter, especially considering I never did write a proper review for it!

Jackaby Quote 1 (1).png

This quote feels a little close to home with everything going in our political climate.
The title character, Jackaby, is a man chock full of wisdom, just like the books following his adventures.

Cloud & Lightning Separation


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