Wrap Up // January – Graphic Novels Have Taken Over My Life

I read so many books!

So I managed to read a total of 18 books in the month of January, I think that’s pretty damn good considering how busy I’ve been this month!

Granted, a lot of these were graphic novels as you’ll see below but I don’t care, Goodreads counts them as books, so I do too.

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renegadesRenegades│Marissa Meyer│★★★│Review

To be honest, Renegades was a really shitty start to my reading year.

It didn’t live up to expectations, most of the characters bored me to death, with few exceptions. I wasn’t interested in the plot for the most point.

It had all the ingredients for a brilliant book but the execution fell so very flat for me that it’s made me very wary of Marissa Meyer’s other books which is a shame because I’ve heard good things.

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rebel belle RB.jpgRebel Belle│Rachel Hawkins│★★★★Review

Rebel Belle was my saving grace after Renegades.

It floated in with its funny dialogue and light air. Rebel Belle was exactly what I needed to keep me from falling into a reading rut.

I picked it up because I follow Rachel Hawkins #sexyhistory on twitter and find her retelling’s of historical drama queens and kings, fuckboys, baby kings, and kickass ladies hysterical and educational.

I read them to my mum and she loves them. So I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed Rebel Belle.

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turtles all the way down.jpgTurtles All the Way Down│John Green│★★★★Review

Turtles All the Way Down was a nice revisit of an old favourite author.

Though I am no longer the biggest fan, I can see John Green’s writing has improved yet still keeps the same theme of pretentious teens (which I frankly, quite like).

He proves, yet again that he is far better at writing women from their POV instead of through the lens of a guy.

This was incredibly touching and amazing Anxiety & OCD Rep.

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the secret loves of geek girls.jpgThe Secret Loves of Geek Girls│Hope Nicholson│★★★Review

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls took me by surprise mostly because going in I kept reading the title as The Secret Lives of Geek Girls and also because I thought it was just an ordinary graphic novel, not a collection of essays, artwork, and comic strips.

Ya girl was not prepared. But I still really enjoyed it!

It has a little something for everyone and although I didn’t like every entry, it still managed to deeply affect me.

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Lumberjanes Vol 2-6│Noelle Stevenson★★★★★

lumberjanes vol 2 lumberjanes vol 3 lumberjanes vol 4 lumberjanes vol 5 lumberjanes vol 6

I love the Lumberjanes so much, it’s filled with friendship and funny dialogue and supernatural craziness. I can’t put them down.

My favourite character is Ripley but I can’t not love every single one of the girls from the Roanoke cabin.

These volumes are so quick to read and highly entertaining from start to finish!

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Saga Vol 2-4│Brian K. Vaughan★★★★★│Review│

saga vol 2 saga vol 3 saga vol 4

Saga is another graphic novel series I have fallen in love with.

I had no clue what was happening when I first started but I didn’t care, I was pulled in from page one and was just happy to go along for the ride.

It’s filled with attractive characters, comedy gold, Sci-Fi fantasies, bloodshed and political intrigue.

I love each of the characters, even though they’re all trying to kill each other, but mostly I really love little Hazel and Sophie, and I don’t even like kids.

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ms marvel vol 2.jpgMs. Marvel Vol 2│G. Willow★★★★

I’m enjoying Ms. Marvel so far but I didn’t connect with the second volume as much as the first. I’m not sure why though.

I loved the extra issues I got in the edition I borrowed from the library that had Ms. Marvel meeting and working other heroes from different series and we got a bit of Loki too which was fun!

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assassins heartAssassin’s Heart│Sarah Ahiers│3.5★’sReview

I went into Assassin’s Heart with low expectations and I do think that helped with my enjoyment of the book.

It did drag a little but it had the sharp, angry girl and cinnamon roll boy dynamic and that will always be a winning combination for me!

I enjoyed the cutthroat world and the religious aspect, and the descriptions of food had my mouth watering! Overall it took me by surprise but I was all the better for it.

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supergirl vol 1.jpgSupergirl Vol 1│Steve Orlando★★★

I picked up Supergirl because I’m a adore the Television series! I love the girl power and all the kickass women and the eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

The graphic novel, however, is quite different and is set during Kara’s teen years.

It was missing Alex Danvers, and being my favourite character from the show, I was super disappointed and just couldn’t get past that, unfortunately.

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tempests and slaughterTempests and Slaughter│Tamora Pierce│★★★★Review

Tempests and Slaughter’s magical school the Imperial University of Carthak felt quite a bit like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts for me which I think helped quite a lot!
The world was so vast and magical and although sometimes it did drag, I was so wrapped up in everything else that I noticed it fare less than I normally would have.

Arram is adorable and I loved that this had such a big emphasis on friendship!

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kim reaper vol 1.jpgKim Reaper│Sarah Graley│★★★│Review│

Kim Reaper is the bubblegum pink version of goth. It’s a bit dark but mostly light and fun and adorable.

I flew through it quickly and really enjoyed Becka and Kim’s relationship. Also hello f/f romance, don’t get to see you very often.

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nasty womenNasty Women│404 Ink│★★★★★Review

Nasty Women is a collection of essays and accounts of a diverse group of women across the world in the wake of Donald Trump being elected president and how that effects these women.

It was heart-wrenching, educational and enlightening and so, very, very, important.

It was a really great book to end January on.

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So that was my January in books! I had quite a good and steady month of great reads, with few let downs!

Comment your favourite reads of the month below, or even better, you’re least favourites.
I love a good rant.


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