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It’s that time again, and today we’re doing a tag of one of my favourite things! Stranger Things!


For some reason, I only watched it for the first time last September. For whatever reason, probably my fear of the hype, I put off starting it by a whole year and then I ran out of things to watch and took the plunge.

I spread out the first season so it would last until the second season came out and then binge watched that. I’ve since watched it all again with my Mum and honestly? It just gets better every time!

Also, I love any film or television series that features a talented (and attractive) Aussie.

It was really hard to find the creator of this tag even though it has credits on the graphics. It seems the original creator no longer exists in blog form?

The graphics creator is Flavia the Bibliophile and I first found the tag over at The Book Prophet.
So now I’ve got that out of the way…

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saga vol 1Saga Vol 1│Saga│Brian K. Vaughan│

I love the Saga series, I’m currently awaiting the seventh volume to become available at the library.

When I first started the series I had absolutely no idea what I was in for, just that everyone on Goodreads and Booktube seemed to love it.

Now I’m glad I went in not knowing anything because it has been a brilliant ride from start to finish!

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a game of thrones ASOIAF.jpgA Game of Thrones│A Song of Ice and Fire│George R. R. Martin│

A Game of Thrones hands downs wins this one.

Hello? If you read or watched the show, you’d know that the Seven Kingdoms is not a good place for a woman.

I’d kick ass of course but none of the adventures could ever be worth the violence towards women.

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looking for alaskaLooking for Alaska│John Green│

My original copy (I also have the 10th-anniversary edition) of Looking for Alaska is the most damaged book I own, hands down.

When I was in my John Green phase I had this thing of wanting my books to look used and loved. I also developed a habit of throwing books that I loved because I have a love/hate relationship with realistic endings.

I have grown out of this, and although I do use page markers and highlight passages in my books still, I take far better care of them.
Unfortunately for Looking for Alaska, it was a little too late…

I took it to a party when I was 18, I was drinking black sambuca and the bottle leaked into my bag, so now my copy of LfA has blue/purple stains and smells like liquorice. I think it’s quite fitting for the story to be honest so I’m not mad about it.

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a darker shade of magice SOM.jpgA Darker Shade of Magic│Shades of Magic│V. E. Schwab│

This has to go to my most treasured series; the Shades of Magic series.

I only discovered them in late 2016 but I quickly fell in love with Lila Bard, Kell and Rhy Maresh. This book is my happy place.

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our dark duet MOV.jpgOur Dark Duet│Monsters of Verity│Victoria Schwab│

A monster that you technically created from your own violent act that looks like a shadow of yourself? No thanks.

I got enough problems fighting myself thanks to dealing with mental illness, I sure as shit don’t need to add that to it as well.

This one was hard to answer though because fictional monsters don’t scare me and only really affect me when they’re creepy AF, once you’ve seen the darkest sides of humanity, you realize monsters aren’t that threatening.

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vicious villains.jpgVicious│Villians│V. E. Schwab│

Take your pick, between Eli, Victor, and Serena, you got some great villains to choose from in my opinion.

The great thing about Vicious is that it questions societies views of good and bad, hero vs villain and those are my favourite kinds of books.

I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

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something beautiful.jpgSomething Beautiful│Amanda Gernetz Hanson│

ARCs are always super hit or miss for me, and for some reason I kind of discounted this one.

I wasn’t even going to bother reading it don’t ask me why I requested it in the first place, I don’t know, I always do this to myself. I don’t even think I really read the synopsis since the very first time I had requested it.

Obviously, there was something there for me to do so but still, I was determined I would hate it.

It had me sobbing.

I’m not a huge crier when it comes to books, film or TV but Something Beautiful hit me so hard and I completely saw myself in Declan.

Lots of things have played a part in me coming to terms with my sexuality, finally identifying as queer and deciding I was okay that I don’t know for sure, and this book was one of them.

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17675462.jpgThe Raven Boys│The Raven Cycle│Maggie Stiefvater│

I have no idea what constitutes as a little bit stranger so let’s go with a magical realism book, shall we?

This was magical from the psychic aunts to the weird woods (or was it a forest? I don’t know).

I can’t wait to jump into the rest of the series!

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I did it! Yet again, I am tagging the wonderful Krystin, sorry babe you’re stuck with me tagging you every week ahaha.

I also tag Bookgraphy, I see ya liking my posts and I appreciate it so much!
And as always I tag anyone who reads this post, give it a try, it was a lot of fun!

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Have you watched Stranger Things?
Who’s your fave character? 


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